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Things Online Daters Lie about

It is often reported that the area of Internet dating nurtures lies. It is now been estimated that about 80% lie in their profiles. However, in any other area of human activity, people tend to cover truth. The reason for this is always the same: they want to gain attention and be loved. Because every online dating site is a place where people can feel safe and free to express themselves, they can be a bit ‘too creative’ about themselves.

There are certain areas, in which people tend to tell more lies than in other ones. Below is the list of things about which different people do not always tell truth.

Age and appearance

A significant part of users lie about their age and appearance. While men add a few inches to their height, they have a smaller issue with weight than women. Apart from lying about their weight and physique in order to seem lighter and leaner, ladies also state that they are younger than they really are.


Another big common lie is a job or a profession. It has been established that men often lie that they are in healthcare, film industry and finance, while women tell they are related to the areas of marketing, entertainment and finance. People often name more interesting or more prestigious jobs than they really have. Also, they often lie about positions they take: they are usually more advanced in their profiles.

Previous relationships and social connections

Men and women like to be seen as more outgoing then they really are; sometimes, this kind of lies includes being acquainted with celebrities. People also state false information about sexual relationship they had in order to seem more experienced. Research suggests that men lie about such things more often than women.


Because women prefer wealthier partners, men lie about their finances on a online dating site: they tend to be richer and to have more economic power, as they may feel that what they earn might be too little for a date of their dreams.


Some people lie about their relationship status. Despite the existence of communities that tolerate extramarital affairs, men and women who already have a partner may look for adventures on the side online.

In general, people tend to tell falsehoods about different things; what they lie about depends on types of their personalities and whom they want to impress. Being real is a hard work, but it never goes unappreciated.

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How Online Dating Works

Statistics show that meeting people through online dating sites has become almost as popular as getting acquainted through friends. A great majority of singles throughout the UK and beyond use the Internet in order to find friends, dating companions and love. More and more people believe that they can find the right person through online dating and matchmaking services – and they do find them.

Let’s have an insight in the process of online dating, which consists of four main steps: choosing a service, creating a profile, finding a match, initiating contact and arranging the first offline date.

Choosing a Website

If you want your online dating experience to work, you should choose an appropriate dating website. All existing services promote different cultures nurtured by their users. You may choose one from free or paid sites, or select either a specific site or the one for the general population. Usually, paid services for the broader category of users are most effective in helping you with your love quest.

Creating a Winning Profile

Once you’ve chosen a particular service, you should become a member by providing your personal data and creating an online dating profile. Your profile page should attract attention with its style, uniqueness and type of information you provide there. Be brief and smart: state your best and most prominent qualities in a bit humorous manner; it’s also great if you ask some of your friends for a second opinion.

Finding a Match

You may entrust the task of finding a match to the website’s system. Some sites claim that they use scientific matchmaking formulas; still, even personality tests conducted under guidance of a professional psychologist can often be only about ¾ accurate. Besides, scientists of the online dating phenomenon report that there is no evidence of any scientific validity of such formulas. Sometimes, our intuition is much better than all the sophisticated computer-based algorithms. Don’t hesitate to set the criteria of your search, browse personals from users and initiate a conversation with those whom you liked.

Initiating Communication

When you write a first message, you can usually do it in any convenient way: through chat messaging, mobile texting or e-mail-messaging. A first message can emphasize the similarities between you and another person, and it should also include an invitation to further communication. Note that if you don’t receive an immediate response, this only means that you should try again!

First Date

Before you have a first real date, make sure that you have enough information on your date and that the place of your meeting is a public one. While bearing the issue of safety in mind, aim for having some great time! All in all, this is how online dating works!

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